• Masamitsu Hirai

    President & CEO

    A graduate of the Hosei University Faculty of Business Administration, Masamitsu Hirai engaged in forming investment funds and advising on investment strategy in a financial team at Funai Soken Holdings Inc. (TSE:9757). He then became CEO of an independent investment management company in Japan and then became a fund manager and the head of derivatives at a Malaysian hedge fund. He is now the CEO of Bullion Japan Inc. and the president and CEO of our company.

  • Shuichi Uda


    Graduated from Kobe Design University. Joined UK-based Silvertale Group providing project finance to companies in the Alternative Investment Market (AIM) and to joint ventures. Worked on establishing mutual funds in Funai Consulting Incorporated(TSE9757)as a chief consultant in the finance team, before assuming current position. While in Funai Consulting Incorporate, from 2007 to 2009, was recorded to be the youngest person to record profits.
    He is now the founder of Bullion Japan Inc. and our company.

  • Masashi Sakuma


    After graduating from Keio University Faculty of Business and Commerce, Masashi Sakuma worked as a certified public accountant, tax accountant and inheritance diagnosis consultant. Upon graduation, he joined Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu LLC, where he was tasked with auditing in the international department. In 1997, he joined Tokyo Kyodo Accounting Office, where he was in charge of accounting and tax management with regards to derivatives and liquidation etc. Afterwards, he worked in the investment banking department of HSBC Securities Tokyo branch and then in the investment banking department of J.P. Morgan Tokyo branch, where he was responsible for providing financial advice on domestic and cross-border M&A, and capital funding. In 2004, he joined Fields Corporation (JASDAQ: 2767), where he was responsible for a wide range of tasks including strategic corporate investment and group organization restructuring as the manager in charge of business development, operating officer and the manager of the corporate development department, and operating officer and manager of the planning administration division in charge of IR. In 2008, he established Sada Partners and became the president and CEO. Then, while continuing his roles at Sada Partners, he established EMZ Accounting Group and has become its president and CEO. He is also the auditor of our company.

  • Junichiro Kawato

    General Counsel

    A graduate of Waseda University, Junichiro Kawato has been working as a lawyer with a great number of clients in domestic financial and investment industries, especially crowdfunding and social lending companies like Crowd Securities Japan, Inc. and Exia Japan LCC.

  • Seiji Yoshizaki

    Strategic Advisor

    Real Estate Economist/President of Housing, Real Estate Institute
    Upon graduating from Waseda University Graduate School of Finance, Accounting and Law, and Rikkyo University’s Master’s Program, he joined Funai Consulting Inc., as a senior consultant, and later became a manager in charge of the real estate business team and the basic research team. Afterwards, he became the president of De-Sign Real Estate Institute prior to his current position. Currently, he is responsible for data analysis in the fields of real estate and housing, market forecasting and consultation for businesses while being invited to give more than 30 lectures every year, from leading mass media organizations, including national and regional newspapers. He is the author of 10 books, including The Knack of Managing Rental Houses Based on Data (February 2016), 2020—Upheaval in the Housing Market (Asahi Shimbun Publications, Inc.) and People who Buy Depleted Condos, People who Buy Condos with High Asset Value (Seishun Shinsho).