Your life is yours.

To create autonomous human beings with the power of technology.
An engineering company that designs the future of people and investments.

What if people in the world were all independent, and what if people could live their lives perfectly.

A social environment where reachable investment and management are available as an economic option to pursue one’s own dreams and goals. In order to realize that, BLACKSTAR GROUP believe that it is necessary to wipe away people’s anxieties towards investment and management, and there are abundant resources that can help solve these anxieties, and provide the environment where one can make decisions by themselves.

However, reality is different. People’s actions are swayed by excessive and overflown amounts of information, and their lives are controlled by wasteful consumption and people aren’t able to make the right decisions.

People are wasting their lives by not living their own lives, but living a life determined by the actions and circumstances of others around them.

Also, with the rise of AI, society will no longer accept those who do not think for themselves.

BLACKSTAR GROUP was founded by experts in the field of finance, investment banking, law and the technology industry, under such a sense of crisis.
BLACKSTAR GROUP, via an engineering approach, designs the relationship between people and investment, and challenges to realize a future where more people can live a fulfilling life through investment and management. We help people answer the questions "How can we create better things that have not yet been created", and "How can we link that to our overall goal".

BLACKSTAR GROUP's technology does not exist for machinery or AI.
It exists to bring salvation to mankind in the form of efficiency and convenience.

BLACKSTAR GROUP’s overall aim is to create the “completely autonomous person”.


Releasing people’s sorrow from wealth is what we can call genuine wealth.
The conventional economy prioritizes nations and banks, but we must pave way for an economy which values individual life in order to shape the future.

Since the dawn of history, especially after the modern era, mankind have been controlled and restricted by their financial status and wealth.

Many people have enjoyed wealth brought about by the current traditional financial system. However, never has the gap between rich and poor been this wide, and it is difficult to say that we are indeed living freely. Under such circumstances, the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers and the Greek financial crisis, have shown that the conventional economy led by nations and banks began to expose their instability. Meanwhile the value of cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoins are becoming recognized by individuals, and the virtual currency market as a non-centralized economic market is rapidly spreading.

BLACKSTAR GROUP believes that it is the very blockchain technology used for cryptocurrency distribution in the virtual currency market, to be the key to realize the transparency and impartiality of the required market for more people to have an opportunity for investment and management. Initially, as our first mission, we will design and offer various services towards further generalization of investment and management in the virtual currency market.


ICO / Crypto finance consultancy
Monitoring cryptocurrency
Token economy structure


SPINDLEA transparent and impartial Investment and management platform

In SPINDLE, by combining the blockchain technology with the smart contract technology, it enables the selected investors of the virtual currency at an individual level to invest directly with the virtual currency SPINDLE. Since information of investors, investment performance, management history, etc. of investment targets are all recorded in the blockchain, it is falsify-disabled, so we are now in a time to be able to make a decision for investment based on furthermore highly transparent information than the old style of investment and management. By investing directly to fund managers with the virtual currency SPINDLE, we can be free from extraordinary fees to third parties standing on us or have distorted information, so we can make investments in an equal relationship with fund managers.
The impartiality of the market that is brought by the transparency of information and the equal relationship between investors and fund managers enables us to invest more in line with individual intentions and goals, so more people can feel safe in regards to investment and management, it also helps to actualize a social environment wherein people can easily pursue the richness of individuals.



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